Finance For Medical Procedures

There are various operations such as tummy tuck or rhinoplasty surgery that people undergo to improve their physical appearance, but these procedures are expensive and there are times when you health scheme would not settle these fees. This is where people apply for Finance For Medical Procedures. There are companies out there that will give you the financing to get the operation. It works like a loan, they settle the bill and you make monthly repayments. You can get that surgery within a week.

finance for medical procedures

Hospital Plan South Africa

What Is A Hospital Plan?

It is a healthcare protection plan in case you get hospitalized for an injury or illness. By having this plan you can get the best treatment that private hospitals have to offer. Hospital plans are made to pay off the hospital for all expenses while you where hospitalized.

It covers the biggest medical related bills, but do not cover anything like a GP visit that is outside the hospital. It is cheaper than a medical aid, because a it only covers hospital related expenses.

Hospital plans in South Africa is a must have. Why? South Africa has got one of the highest crime rates and accidents, as well as cancer all over the world increases under the people.

Having a hospital cover will only help you financially!

Bestmed Hospital Plan

If you are looking for happiness with your hospital plan, then Bestmed is just what you need. They have three types of packages namely:

  • Beat
  • Pace
  • Pulse

Under each or them are 4 types of offers that you can go through. Bestmed has got a lot of offers for you, you need to find the right one.


Topmed Hospital Plan

Topmed offers various benefits from their hospital plans and you might like one of them. They are also a medical and hospital coverage provider, which means that you will get what you want. They offer the following why you should choose them:

  • Wide range of benefits
  • Unique features with their products
  • Health risk management is unique
  • Wellness management is unique
  • Nursing benefits

Clientele Hospital Plan

If you want your hospital bills to be settled for you and your family, then you need a hospital plan with Clientele. They provide you with various cash benefits so that you do not struggle financially. When you get hospitalized for an unforeseen event, then this is one thing you want to have on your side. The money you receive from your hospital plan can be used for personal needs as well. This is a time that people cannot work and get an income, but with this hospital cover you do not have to worry.

Fedhealth Hospital Plan

Fedhealth is a medical firm, providing hospital plans and medical aids for anyone who wants to get an offer with them. They have a range of 360 degrees options and unique benefits you can go through. Or just get a quote from them that will suit you!

Liberty Hospital Plan

It is all about health and care for you as their client. Their expertise in healthcare comes from years of experience in the health department and working with healthcare professionals. This is why getting a hospital plan with Liberty would be a good idea. They have a variety of medical options, you can make the right one.

Selfmed Hospital Plan

People tend to buy a hospital plan rather a full medical aid, because it is cheaper, and one place you can go to find one is Selfmed. Their package name is MEDXXI Option. It provides you with lots of benefits like unlimited cover from the specific hospitals, maternity and unlimited MRI and CT Scans in and outside of the hospital. What more do you need then this?

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